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[Thing]s with this rating can not be read by anyone under 17 without parental guidance. They may contain graphic language, extreme violence, strong sexual themes or nudity. This site, specifically, has a lot of 14 and below rated content, but there are enough mature pictures to warrant this. Welcome to the picture site of SoreThumb, AKA, Nathan B. This is a website where I store all the things I've drawn, for the public, if they so desire to browse them.
Note, though, that from my meager beginnings, I have improved in my drawing abilities, but even drawing these faces to express my emotion, I am not satisfied. My ability is mediocre, at best, and even these emotional faces look like eyes stuck onto a face...

So you could imagine, that I am still displeased with my ability. There's no need to point out that I lack in ability, and lack in social graces. I'm sorry to both: I'm doing my best to improve. I'm only 18, please don't expect a high level of maturity and ability out of me, yet.
This site also has the usage of the word "SEX," in some pictures,although there is none. Please, I'm looking for a slightly mature audience, so if you can't take the word "SEX," please leave.
Regardless, the fact you're still reading this shows that you're still interested in proceeding, so please do so (click me, to the left, to enter, after reading this: ), realizing that my abilities are a work in progress. I have a far way to go, and a lot to practice.
Thank you.

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