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Welcome to Alyria-bound-Folio!

My name is Nuant Sosun: Currently, I have quit in Runic Temple. (Updated on 9/2/02, 12:25 AM EST)

Another day, another dollar. However, I have written a new journal entry you may wish to read. Click here to read it. To summarize, I picked up my donation-dollar items, used them up, after returning from Sigil. I wish I were not so weak..

Please forgive the popup-ads. I cannot control them.

This site was created to chronicle my journey and the notes I have created with my Phoenix Quill. In here, you will find various pieces of information, but mostly information about me!

This is the index page of Alyria-bound-Folio, where I post the most recent stats about me, such as a question someone has previously asked me (See the signature below to send an e-mail). There have been no questions asked, so I'm set!

The links you see above, and to the lower right, are for different sections of this page. History displays my personal history, such as where I was born and what I have been up to during my short fourteen years.. Score displays my level, and marks [as you would see if you were Nuant, and typed 'score', then 'score marks'.] Equip. is short for Equipment: what I'm wearing now. Friends is the page where I list various people I've met, what I think of them, and also links to anything I've written about them. (If any.) Folio articles is where I'm storing the webpage-version of parchments I have on my character. And, finally, Creator is a link to a page where you can read about my conscience.

Oh, and you may be wondering, "What does Alyria-bound-Folio mean?" Well, I have heard that there is a metal-bound-folio in the world of Alyria that can contain countless parchments and such. Since I am writing various learnings and such on parchments about the world of Alyria, you could say I'm out to learn about Alyria. So, to create a pun on 'setting out for Alyria', I am "Alyria-Bound", and this is the folio of my discoveries... Alyria-bound-Folio.

In addition, I've submitted this site to be reviewed at..

I hope that wasn't too confusing for you, reader. But if you have any other questions to ask me, feel free to e-mail my creator via that link or click on my signature at the bottom.

Thank you for visiting, and may you enjoy and learn!